7 Tea Traditions from Around the World


Tea has long held a place in our hearts as a beverage that draws people together and creates a sense of warmth. While a cup of tea is perfect for any occasion, it’s interesting to think about how people throughout the world incorporate the beverage into their celebrations. Check out these seven tea traditions from around the world to truly understand the powerful effects that a cup of tea can have on every community!

Appreciate India’s Instant Hospitality
In India, Chai is the preferred tea of choice, and you can find vendors on every corner selling their version of this beverage which is infused with spices such as cardamom, pepper, and ginger. While the vendors tend to sell tea in clay cups that are believed to add to the flavor, homeowners also offer it to guests who may drop in at any time without warning. Try keeping some of our Sweat Tease chai on hand at your house to welcome your guests any time they may swing by.

Drink to Your Health Like the French
In France, tea was introduced around the same time that it hit England. However, the teas that were served here were highlighted for their medicinal benefits. Today, many people in France still prefer to drink non-caffeinated teas, such as chamomile and hibiscus, that are known for having a beneficial effect on their health. So, drink up!

Discover the Origin of High Tea
In the late 1800s, dinner in England was often served as late as eight in the evening, which left many people famished after lunch. While you may hear many different opinions regarding who started high tea, a popular belief is that it began after Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, requested light sandwiches with her afternoon tea. The trend began to take off, and you can now enjoy high tea at Sweet Tease where we have an array of treats to tantalize your taste buds in those hours between lunch and dinner.

Enjoy a Visual Treat in Malaysia
Malaysian tea is quite a bit different from what we traditionally drink in America. There, beverages are made using black tea, condensed milk, and sugar, and the most notable feature of the drink is its frothy texture. To create this concoction, tea brewers pour the tea back and forth between two cups, and many brewers create elaborate shows as they pull the tea until it reaches the perfect level of froth.

Try Pakistani Pink Tea
Like many cultures around the world, tea is served all the time to guests and friends. However, Noon Chai is a special type of tea that is reserved for special occasions. With it’s gorgeous pink color and flavors that come from pistachios, almonds, and star anise, this tea is almost more like a dessert than a beverage.

Instill a Sense of Mindfulness With a Japanese Matcha Ritual
Matcha tea is similar to green tea, but the process of preparing it uses the entire leaf so that all of the nutrients are preserved. In Japan, matcha tea ceremonies involve an intricate set of carefully learned steps that all culminate in the serving of a perfect cup of tea. Many people study for months or years to learn how to perform the ritual so that they can use it to demonstrate their dedication to etiquette and grace.

Honor Your Family With a Chinese Tea Ceremony
In China, tea ceremonies are complex processes that include steps that the server takes to honor each person present. The significance of a tea ceremony is so important that brides and grooms include one as a part of their wedding plans. During this ceremony, they carefully serve their parents and other elders in their family a cup of tea as a gesture of honor. If you want to hold a tea ceremony as part of your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner, just let us know. We have a delicious Chinese oolong tea that is perfect for the occasion.

While you can find tea just about anywhere in the world, we believe that the best place to enjoy a cup is in the company of friends. Be sure to drop in to Sweet Tease where you can start your own tradition of sharing a pot of tea with your loved ones.