6 Memorable Bridal Shower Favors


Bridal showers are the ultimate pre-wedding event that gives everyone a chance to shower the bride with love before she takes that walk down the aisle. While the main focus of the shower is always on the bride, it’s nice to give the guests a little favor to show appreciation for their attendance. Bridal parties are always looking for creative favors to put together, and at Sweet Tease, we know just how to make sure your token of appreciation is memorable and fits the occasion!

Show How Well the Bride Knows Her Guests With Personalized Tea Assortment Bags

Everyone invited to the bridal shower has unique traits that the bride’s life wouldn’t be the same without. Now, you have the perfect chance to show her best friends and family members just how much she knows about them. Pick up a few drawstring bags and have them personalized with an inside joke or favorite love quote. Then, fill each person’s bag with their favorite tea flavors. Guests will love how the bride and her party have gone above and beyond for them. Our Sweet Tease staff will be available to prepare these bags with the bridal party and offer assistance where necessary. Choose from our many cream or savory teas to provide a variety of flavors for each and every guest.

Add a Touch of Whimsy With Cupcakes In a Jar

Everyone loves cupcakes, and these miniature treats are perfect for showing guests how much they sweeten the bride’s life. To make these favors really special, choose gourmet cupcakes in fun flavors such as lemon sunshine and s’mores. Make it a DIY day at Sweet Tease by putting the cupcakes into pretty jars that are the perfect size to transport them without squishing the cakes. Add a pretty ribbon tied in a bow around the lid, and you’ve got a delightful treat that everyone can enjoy.

Light Up Their Life With a Mini Candle and Match Set

We all love to be pampered, so why not play off of this when creating bridal party favors? Put a few colored tea candles in pretty votives, and pair them with a customized matchbook. Make sure to put something witty on the cover such as “match made in heaven” that you know everyone will adore. Want a little extra something to pair with the set? Select a tea from our shop that will lend itself to a relaxing night indoors. Guests can then use their candle set and tea bag to prep for your big event with a soothing bubble bath and warm beverage.

Frame a Favorite Moment

Although you may need the bride’s help for this one, you can print out photos of each guest and the bride during a special moment from their friendship. Grab the bridal party, pick a date, and make it another DIY outing at Sweet Tease to put these photos in pretty frames. You can then use these favors as place settings at the dining tables. When you tell everyone to take their framed photo before they leave, you can bet you’ll hear squeals of excitement.

Grow a Garden of Love With Teacup Succulents

Bridal shower favors are always the best when you can make them fit the theme of the party. For bridal shower tea parties, consider setting out beautiful tea cups that are filled with succulents. They’ll double as table decorations, and your guests can each take one home as a way to remember the special occasion.

The right bridal shower favors should be something that everyone in attendance can enjoy, and you know that sending your guests off in style helps set the tone for the upcoming wedding. Now that you’ve got a few ideas in mind, feel free to schedule a date to pop in and get crafty. We’d love to play a small part in the excitement of the big day!

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