4 Teas Best Served Cold


Teatime has long been a tradition that helps people take a break from their hectic lives. There is something amazing that happens when you share a cup of delicious tea with your friends.

You may be worried that as summer has come to an end, your favorite teas will go out of season. No need to fret! Some teas are best served cold, just as if you would have brewed them in the summertime. Enjoy these sweet iced flavors all fall long - we’re sure you’ll love them.

Warm Up or Cool Down with Apple Spice Tea

In our tea room, we’re featuring one of our favorites: Apple Spice Tea. With rich warm flavors and a fall seasonal base, many would believe a cup of this classic tea is best served piping hot. While it’s great to cozy up in a blanket with this drink, it tastes just as great in ice. Grab a good book, enjoy the crisp fall air, and sip on this delectable favorite.

Refresh Yourself With Apricot Iced Tea

Picture yourself for just a moment strolling through a beautiful fall orchard surrounded by the beauty of fresh, ripe apricots dangling from their trees. While you might not have the time to pluck one fresh off of the branch, a glass of apricot tea allows you to step right into this fantasy. With its mellow sweet and slightly citrusy flavor, you’ll instantly feel as though you’ve been transported to one of the most beautiful places you could enjoy this season. Cold apricot tea is also a fairly light flavor that works well when it is paired with other fruits. Try sipping on a cup of this tea as you enjoy a peach or raspberry scone.

Transition from Summer to Fall with Strawberry Green Iced Tea

Green tea is known for its health benefits since it is chock-full of antioxidants. While green tea is often served hot, adding the fresh flavor of strawberries gives it a deeper taste that comes out the most when it’s served over ice. For a luxurious twist on your strawberry green tea, try pairing it with mint chocolate cupcakes. Feel pampered and enjoy knowing that the green tea gives you a sweet energy boost that gets you through the rest of your day.

Savor the Rich Flavor of Blueberry Tea

Waking up to the beautiful scent of blueberry muffins or scones is always a wonderful way to start the day. Now, you can enjoy the same experience by requesting your blueberry tea ice-cold. Cold blueberry tea is delicious on its own, but you can bring out the berry flavor even more by enjoying it with white chocolate biscotti. Just make sure to invite a friend or two along. They’ll love your idea for a refreshing pick-me-up, and you’ll enjoy having an excuse to linger long enough to enjoy a second cup.

Delight In a Revitalizing Glass of Lemon Mint Tea

Who said lemonade is just for the summer months? This sweet drink is delicious all year long. Often too sugary for adults who have outgrown their sweet tooth, a cup of lemon mint tea is the perfect substitute to your old childhood refresher. The crisp lemony flavor paired with cool spearmint is perfect without sweetener, or you can add a touch of honey for a natural hint of sugar.

When hot drinks have lost their appeal and you’re not yet ready to say goodbye to your summer favorites, you can still enjoy a cold, refreshing tea throughout the chillier months. As you explore new flavors best served cold, remember that these are just a tip of the iceberg. At Sweet Tease, we are constantly providing new flavors for our guests and will always suggest if one of our teas is best served with some ice. Stop in and explore our variety of options - we know we’ll have something you like!