The Very Best Cookies to Bake This Winter

Oh, how I love this time of year! Not only do I enjoy the sweet smell of delicious treats wafting from our ovens, but I also look forward to sending and receiving those holiday party invitations where everyone gets a chance to sample and trade their favorite recipes.

A wonderfully cozy, wintertime activity is baking delightful holiday cookies that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth during Christmas, but all winter long.

Whether you’ve got a cookie exchange on your calendar or just need a tray of something sweet to set out for dessert, you can never go wrong with:

A Classic Cut Out Recipe

It seems as though just the sight of a rolling pin takes me back to my earliest days of baking. While opening Sweet Tease was just a glimmer in my eye back then, I have to give all the praise to the cooks in my family for sparking my love for everything tea and baking.

For classic cut outs, you can choose just about any sugar cookie recipe that allows you to roll out the dough and cut it into seasonal shapes. This recipe is a great one to take to family gatherings and other events with children present since a dish of icing and some sprinkles turns this treat into a fun activity!

Gingerbread Cookies

Just the sight of one of these cookies is enough to make anyone smile, and you can give each one a bit of your own artistic flair. Try decorating the gingerbread cookies to fit into the party theme. For instance, a group of teachers and students is perfect for your school potluck, or you could add sporty clothing for your child’s end of season holiday party.

If all of that decorating is not your thing, then try bringing gingerbread snaps instead. They whip up faster, and everyone loves that crisp, spicy flavor.

Easy Peanut Butter Blossoms

Peanut butter and chocolate go together like tea and scones! This peanut butter cookie recipe is ultra simple, and it only takes three ingredients. Just mix one cup of peanut butter with one cup of sugar and stir in one egg. Once it’s all blended, shape the mixture into one-inch balls. Then, press hash marks in the center with a fork to make that fancy little design before baking them at 350 degrees in your oven.

To give this recipe a little extra flair, skip the hash marks. Instead, pop on a chocolate kiss when you pull them out of the oven. It’s pretty much a guarantee that everyone will love them.

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Snowballs

These sugar covered cookies look exactly like their name, and we find that kids love helping to form the buttery dough for these into perfect little snowball shapes. As you make these, remember to avoid overbaking, and always give them a roll in the confectioners sugar while they are still warm so that it sticks.

While everyone has their favorite recipes, I’ve always believed that the very best cookies in the world are the ones that are made with love. If you’ve got too much on your plate to be able to whip up a batch of your favorite cookies this year, no worries!

We’ve got you covered with all of the classic recipes and a few of our exclusive treats. Just pop into our shop and let us know what you need while we pour you a hot cup of tea.